Customized therapeutic massage for the health and wellness of the client

More About Saille Massage

Located in Larkspur, California, Saille Massage provides customized therapeutic massage for the health and wellness of our clients. We assess the needs of each client and draw from a variety of modalities to provide relaxation and relief. Whether you are looking for a relaxing break or a focused session for pain relief, we work with you to customize your massage to your needs.

Swedish massage techniques are what most people think of when massage is mentioned. Strokes such as petrissage, circular friction, and tapinage stimulate blood flow, relax the body and can help loosen tissue adhesions and break up old scar tissue. Deep Tissue massage uses the same type of strokes but with greater applied pressure. Trigger Point therapy may be considered a type of Deep Tissue technique, as it uses directed pressure on a specific location to induce release of hypertense muscles. At Saille Massage, we do not draw a distinction between these modalities when making appointments. We use each technique where appropriate.

Our massage services include:

60 minute customized massage – $80

90 minute customized massage – $120

First-time clients receive a discount for their first appointment by using the following coupon codes:

FIRST60 – a 60 minute appointment for $60
FIRST90 – a 90 minute appointment for $90

The discount is only available for a client’s first appointment.

We look forward to serving you!

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